I’m currently a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric and Public Culture program and part-time faculty member in Communication Studies at Northwestern University.  Broadly speaking, my research and teaching interests center on the relationship between changing communication technologies, practices of representation, and popular conceptions of identity and subjectivity. More specifically, my research focuses on the interface between “old” and “new” media, and what that site of convergence reveals about changing ways of “reading” and relating to others. As a 2015-16 Graduate Fellow for the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative, I’m involved with broadening and deepening the theoretical and practical resources available to scholars and practitioners in the growing field of Digital Rhetoric.

I view my teaching as a core aspect of my academic contribution, both complementing and expanding my research agenda.  In my position as Northwestern’s Coordinator of Public Speaking, I am invested in continuously providing instructional training, resources, and support for new and experienced graduate student instructors of introductory public speaking courses. To deepen and broaden my own teaching skills, I recently completed Northwestern’s Searle Center Teaching Certificate Program, and was competitively selected to serve as a Searle Graduate Teaching Mentor for SY 2015-16 to help other graduate students approach pedagogy in a way that is deliberate, strategic and informed.  My teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and self-reflexivity, and I approach these qualities as skills that can be “scaffolded” or cumulatively built within a particular course as well over the span of an undergraduate career (and beyond).  For more information on my teaching philosophy and experience, please visit my teaching page.

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